Outsourcing of critical IP administration

We assist attorney firms, IP departments, consultancy agencies with patents design protection assignments EP validation trademarks and other administrative tasks related to managing intellectual property rights.

As certified IP assistants, we are experts in patents, designs and trademarks. We manage your IP administration in a cost-effective way – entire processes or specific tasks where you need extra expertise. We free up time so that you can devote yourself to your business.
IP administration that creates value for your business!

As well-trained and experienced assistants, we handle all or part of your IP administration. We are experts in our area, and you choose the skills and service you need at the time you need them. With a great understanding of your requirements and needs, we support you effectively.
Increase your competitiveness with quality-assured administration.

We handle your IP administration in a cost-effective way – throughout the entire process, or with specific parts.

With a great understanding of your requirements and needs, we support you effectively.

Focus on your business and your customers - we manage your entire IP administration

By allowing us to manage your IP administration, you can focus on your important tasks and on your customers. We monitor deadlines, ensure that fees are paid and that the entire process is documented correctly. At the same time focusing on strategy and customer relations. We help you:

  • Mitigate your risk
  • Increase your efficiency
  • Increase your profitability
  • Strengthen your competitiveness

We provide a consistent high level of quality on all administrative tasks and the handling of all parts of the processes. You get access to the skills you need – when you need it.

Hand over your entire IP administration or parts of the IP process:

Why outsource your IP administration

The competition is growing and there are higher demands on constantly developing your business. Outsourcing all or part of your IP administration reduces risk, increases efficiency and increases profitability. Additional benefits include:

  • Contribution of know-how and increased quality. It is a specialist and demanding task to take care of a business’ IP administration. It is not always easy to create the perfect team internally. By working with our experts, you choose the skills and services you need. Our IP assistants work exclusively with similar issues and are experts in their fields. This ensures world-class quality. We provide certainty that deadlines are monitored, that fees are paid, and that all documentation and other formalities are handled effectively.
  • Flexibility and economies of scale. You always have access to the right skill-sets and do not need to plan for temporary peaks in workload, or planned and/or unplanned absence.
  • Increased focus and increased productivity. The company management and your patent engineers can devote all their time to strategy and to your customers. Focus on the tasks that are business-promoting – such as increased competitiveness and customer satisfaction – instead of solving administrative problems. In short, the best results will be accomplished when everyone does what they are best at!
  • You do not need time-consuming and resource-intensive recruitment processes. Looking for the right staff is very time consuming. It takes a lot of resources to conduct interviews and train new staff. In addition, you have no guarantee on how long the person in question stays. By hiring us we relieve this burden.
  • Access to a global network. We work globally and have a well-established network, we are fully aware of challenges in different geographical markets and have knowledge of all of the common docketing systems on the market. Our experts stay with us for a long time, which benefits our services.

We add resources and expertise, we increase the quality of your administration, we solve your need for scalability, we increase your flexibility by offering our expertise when you need it. We simply release time and resources to enable you to develop your core business and drive the competitiveness forward.

When is outsourcing suitable for your IP administration?

Our experts are of course always ready to assist! You may however not feel that you need our expertise right now. Various activities and events trigger the demand for help. Some typical occasions are:

  • Organizational changes where you want to refine certain roles.
  • Mergers where the overall function needs to be changed.
  • When current administrative staff are leaving and you are not ready to hire.
  • When you want to reduce your internal administrative resources and focus on the core business.
  • When you want to mitigate risk and not worry about absence or staff changes.

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