Extensive collaboration

Outsource areas of your IP administration

You may want to focus more on your core business, create a more diverse team and make your organization less vulnerable. IP Station can offer long term support for whole regions, offices, a team, individual consultants or individual paralegals.

  • Docketing
  • Ongoing management of all IP related administration
  • Maintenance of your IP-database
  • Design and trademarks renewals
  • Patent renewals
  • Additional paralegal services and IP-adminstration will be included
  • Filings including feedback, for example: 
    • New filings 
    • Filing of response to office actions
    • Opposition/appeal 
  • Docketing
    • Monitor, sort incoming work and forward to the appropriate department/office/attorney/assistant 
  • Validations
  • Recordals, assignments
  • Enter new portfolios into your system
  • Status check of patent family 
  • Obtain information and compile cost data
  • Prepare formal documents 
  • Prepare reports, and where templates are available we can complete these based on which documents should be enclosed.
  • Assist with downloading of documents, for example prior art, B1-publication in connection with granted EP, digital patent letters, trademark- or design documents from EUIPO. In other words, most of the digital downloads that usually demand a lot of time.
  • Handle watch-lists for trademarks

With some planning and with access to your case management system, our administrators and paralegals can assist you with all ongoing management of IP related administration. 

For assignments with a larger scope, we usually work with longer contract periods (six months or longer). Most client projects start with a shorter trial period and then proceed into a formal ongoing agreement.

We will set up a client-team consisting of a business manager, a customer manager and a team of skilled individuals responsible for delivering the services to you. With the help of modern digital tools, we work efficiently remotely. Physical meetings are sometimes motivated and then we will gladly come and meet with you.

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Cooperation types and business models

We offer various forms of cooperation, business models and components, which can be combined according to the scope and requirements.

Our efficiency is based on a 100% focus on the processes for paralegal services. That is something that you as a client benefit greatly from. A single effective hour from us often equals 1.5 with our customers.

This is what one of our clients has to say

"One of the most important strategic decisions for our company has been entrusting IP Station with our administration. Over the years of working with IP Station we have received constant confirmation that we are becoming more effective in our core-business through outsourcing our IP-administration."

Michael Kitzler, Principal / Rouse Sweden

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