IP Administration

Outsourcing of administration related to intellectual property – a process that requires high levels of competence and experience

We take care of your day-to-day management and secure your deliverables

As certified IP assistants, we are experts in the areas of patents, designs and trademarks. We handle everything within your IP administration in a cost-effective manner – throughout the whole process or specific parts where you need extra expertise. We free up time that you can devote to your customers. Our IP administration services create value for your business by:

  • adding resources and skills
  • increasing the quality of your administration
  • solving your need for scalability
  • offering expertise when you need it

Our expert competence enhances the quality of your IP administration

We are well-trained, certified and motivated experts who manage all or part of your IP administration. With specialist expertise in our respective areas, we have a great understanding of your needs and of course we work under strict confidentiality. Only those who are associated with your assignment have access to information. We increase your competitiveness with quality assured administration within:

We offer access to a secure administrative interface and database – a digital work environment and toolbox for you with the need for clear routines and an efficient process. The service consists of four parts:

  • Order for filing of a patent application
  • Viewing your ongoing cases
  • Viewing your deadlines
  • Ability to see hours logged by the assistants

The service can be synchronized with your calendar, so that your deadlines appear there. This, combined with our reminder service means you are fully secured.

Reliable administrative systems

Our proven IP Management System is set-up and maintained according to best-practice. Either we use our internal system for recording all your data, documents and deadlines or we work directly in your database and keep it up to date on a daily basis.

System for smooth renewal management

We can also assist with renewals of patents, trademarks and designs. We have the system and processes in place to do this in a safe and secure manner. Service levels, reminders and reports are set up according to your needs.

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