IP Recordals

With vast experience of working with recordals, we handle everything related to registration of e.g. change in ownership, change of name and/or address, entry of license agreements. Or you can outsource part of the process.

Assignment and change of owner

Recordals are a specific part of the larger process of the intellectual property rights of patents, designs or trademarks. We handle the time-consuming process required to get completed changes recorded for an IP portfolio. With our deep knowledge of routines in different countries, we know which documents are required, and which specific actions that are needed by different authorities to get changes registered correctly and effectively.

We ensure that all documents are authenticated, notarised or legalized with Apostille in cases where the country’s authority or embassy so requires.

We see to that your administration is quality assured by:

  • The right competence when you need it – full-time assistant or part-time assistant.
  • Package solutions – our experts take care of a part of your process or of a specific activity within your process. You can, of course, outsource the entire process.
  • High-quality administration, pre-studies and overall management of the process.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality – only the expert(s) associated with you has access to information.
Marie Florén Söderlund

Marie Florén Söderlund

Certified Trademark & Design Assistant
IP Paralegal
Transfer of rights

Documentation of complicated processes

For a holder of IP rights, there may have been several changes over a long period of time – e.g. in connection with a merger, name change, entering a license agreement, pledge of IP rights or in the event of bankruptcy. If the changes have not been correctly recorded along the journey, it must be documented retrospectively.

We will then help you to compile all the documents that strengthen the right of change throughout the chain of changes and events.
We are accustomed to working with complicated chain of events and ensure we always do all we can in order to make the handling as smooth and efficient as possible.

Proper handling of documents

Recordals can be a part of a larger process regarding IP rights. With extensive experience in managing IP recordals, we have the knowledge required to ensure the right ownership throughout the process. E.g., most authorities want to have a confirmatory transfer document signed by the parties instead of a copy of the original agreement. Different countries have different requirements on what information the confirmatory agreement should contain. We produce the right documents and make sure they are signed by the right person.

We submit documents directly to the relevant authority, or via national agents when required. We handle changes both pre and post grant.

Benefits of outsourcing IP Recordals

With vast experience of working with recordals and various changes, we are experts in taking care of the entire process that is required to get the change duly registered. We can also support you in parts of the process. By allowing us to manage the transfer, we help you to:

  • A more efficient process
  • Improved total economy
  • Access to specialist and expert skills when you need it
  • Access to reliable systems that meet your deliverables

Self Service

We offer access to a secure administrative interface and database – a digital work environment and toolbox for you with the need for clear routines and an efficient process. The service consists of four parts:

  • Order for filing of a patent application
  • Viewing your ongoing cases
  • Viewing your deadlines
  • Ability to see hours logged by the assistants

The service can be synchronized with your calendar, so that your deadlines appear there. This, combined with our reminder service means you are fully secured.

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