We are transforming working methods within the industry! We do this through an automated information flow that provides more efficient processes and increased quality.

Patent Administration

We drive the improvement process by investing in digital solutions and integration where automated information flow provides more efficient processes and increased quality. We have mapped and documented the entire patenting process where each and every small element is highlighted. It is a comprehensive, and often complicated procedure. The mapping is also a way to make our work transparent, to show our competence We are careful and knowledgeable – we are experts in managing patent formalities!

We offer you:

  • The right competence when you need it – full-time assistant or part-time assistant.
  • Package solutions – our experts take care of a part of your process or of a specific activity within your process. You can, of course, outsource the entire process.
  • High-quality administration, pre-studies and overall management of the process.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality – only the expert(s) associated with you has access to information.
  • Access to an easy to use online administration interface and a secure database.
Petra Biderman Dedorson

Petra Biderman Dedorson


Benefits of outsourcing your IP administration

  • More efficient process
  • Improved total economy
  • Access to specialists and expert skills when you need it
  • Access to reliable systems that ensure reliable performance

Let us manage your entire patent administration

How do you want your patent administration organization to work? Brilliantly, we would think. It should be inherently stable, and capable of knowing how to organize and complete tasks and stay on top of the workload. Above all it has to provide efficient and safe handling of your cases, where quality and efficiency are key. We have several different solutions on offer, dependent on the number of cases you have, whether you have your own system, or if you want us to handle your cases within our system.

Would you like us to receive and handle your incoming mail from authorities? Let us record IP Station as your recipient address and we will ensure that incoming letters are registered in the system, handled, and reported according to your requirements. For extra safety, we always double check entered due dates and data.

What would you like your role to be? We are flexible. You decide if we report to you, or report directly to an associate or to your customer. You also decide if you want us to report everything, or just some selected parts.

Services in patents

We divide patent services into specific tasks where we can help you with all of part of the patent process – always in accordance with your requirements:

Retrieving formal patent information

We have many years of experience in filing patent applications many jurisdictions. We know what formalities are needed in each country, and you can beconfident that we are always up to date on international processes. Sometimes it may take time to get in touch with the right person, obtain address information, etc. We believe that you do not want to waste time on such tasks yourself.

By outsourcing the work to us instead, you can focus on your core business and that which creates value. We make sure that no detail is overlooked.

Support in compiling substantive patent information

We can monitor due dates and remind you when it is time to take action. We can help collect information, ensure that external resources meet their obligations, give remindersof missing documents, nudge inventors… yes, the list can be long. When you need help with a part of the process, we are there to support you.

Patent drawing assistance

We make minor adjustments in final drawings quickly and easily with our drawing program. We only need a simple sketch that shows what needs to be changed, and we will arrange. We also handle the preparation of new drawings via our excellent drawing contacts.

Provide us with a basic sketch or diagram, and we will revert with professional drawings!

Filing of patent applications

We can file applications in all countries – either directly to the authorities or through national agents. In order to file a patent application, we need formal information (applicants, inventors etc.), description in editable format, drawings if any, information about the EPA if relevant, and information on deposit account should there be one. We also need the desired filing date’ and in cases where there is a strict deadline for filing this should be communicated.
For extra safety, we always double check entered due dates and data before submission.

You can use our Self Service to provide us with this information in a simple and secure way.

We submit applications directly to the authority in SE, FI, EP, IB, digitally where possible. We always have several possible submission options should any external system be down. We handle all other countries via our agent network, or via your own agents should you prefer.

We also assist with national phase entries. Either we use your agents according to your wishes, or our own agent network. We have many years of experience and a wide network of contacts.

Post-processing of patent applications

We register submitted documents either in our system, or in your system, create due dates and check these as well as other data. In some cases, a power of attorney or other documents must be submitted to the office. We prepare the documents that are needed, send them to the applicant for authorized signature, make sure to get signed documents in return, and submit to the authority.

We report the filed patent application in the format you request – this could be anything from a short message of confirmed submission, to a full report that you can use when reporting to your associates or clients. Or we report directly to a third party. The monitoring of renewals is undertaken according to your wishes.

Managing office actions

If communication from the offices is routed directly to us, we make sure that incoming letters are registered in the system, managed and reported according to your wishes. You – or your customer – will quickly be informed of the action received. When applicable, we will upload the listed documents and we can ensure that other patent family members, where IDS management is required, are updated as well.

When it is time to respond to the office action, we will of course assist with this too. We ensure that the response, including any attachments, is submitted in the correct format and confirm once it is filed.

We provide you with lists of upcoming deadlines according to set intervals, remind you of actions and ensure that deadlines are met. You can also use our Self-Service solution for efficient management of your cases and due dates.


It should be easy and effective to validate European patents in the countries where you look for protection. No hassle and as few papers as possible to sign. Let us take care of your EP validations – we have expertise, reliable administrative systems and a wide network of contacts in the validation countries.

Do you already have a national approved patent for the same invention, and are you considering whether to keep it or validate the EP Nationally? Some things to consider are:

  • Protection scope – which patent has the best protection?
  • The lifetime of the patent – if you have a National priority it expires earlier than the EP, normally 1 year.
  • Validation cost – if you believe your existing National patent has better protection and you do not need a longer life, then you do not need to validate Nationally.

Our staff handles EP validations in all European countries. In those countries where no translation is required, we can work directly with national authorities to register you, or your customer (or us) as the receiving address. This is particularly important in order not to miss notifications for the ongoing annual fee management from the various national authorities. Simply an extra safety measurement.

Renewal services

Depending on the jurisdiction, annual fees are paid either in connection with the filing of the patent application, during the application stage, or after grant. Our system has built-in country rules which, in combination with our knowledge and experience, safeguard the monitoring of annual fees. We will notify you or your customer well in advance of the deadline, and handle payment according to your instructions.

We can also work together with any of the renewal service providers on the market, for example CPA Global or Dennemeyer, should you already have an ongoing cooperation.

Proven system for handling due dates

We use an established case management system where we have set up specific rules for all jurisdictions. This means that as soon as the application is filed and entered in our system we have full control of all the due dates at hand for that particular application. Existing cases are updated on an ongoing basis with any new due dates that arise during the handling of the case, for example injunctions. Your application will be safe and secure in our database.

If desired, we will provide you with lists of upcoming due dates according to set intervals, reminders of actions, and ensure that you have all the necessary information to attend to the due dates in time. We also provide you with full online access to view your portfolio.

If you think this solution sounds perfect, let us take full responsibility! We have all the necessary systems and are fully equipped to handle your cases in a professional and safe manner.

If you have your own system, we can work directly in that using secure connections. If you assign us an email address, we act as one of your regular employees.

Reliable administrative systems – smooth monitoring and notification

We have a stable and reliable IP Management System where we record all information, incoming letters and deadlines. If you have a database of your own, we work directly in that system.

Self Service

We offer access to a secure administrative interface and database – a digital work environment and toolbox for you with the need for clear routines and an efficient process. The service consists of four parts:

  • Order for filing of a patent application
  • Viewing your ongoing cases
  • Viewing your deadlines
  • Ability to see hours logged by the assistants

The service can be synchronized with your calendar, so that your deadlines appear there. This, combined with our reminder service means you are fully secured.

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