From an IP administrator’s perspective

From an IP administrators perspective with peter kylin

From an IP administrator’s perspective – with Julia

A small community of just over 12,000 inhabitants, in the middle of the vast forests of the Värmland region, is the home of an international company. The town is Hagfors, the company is IP Station, and that is where I, Julia, work.

Julia’s reflection

Autumn is here – the trees changing their appearance, the leaves are beginning to fall slowly but surely. I like autumn. Nature changes colour and the air is fresher and crispier. It almost feels like a fresh start.

Here at IP Station, we are busy. When the COVID 19 pandemic first hit, like a lot of businesses we felt the impact as our clients and prospects assessed the situation, and April and May had a slight downturn. However, since then, the work has really picked up, we are growing as a business and now the office is in full swing.

Autumn also brings a new hire to IP Station and we are very pleased to welcome a new colleague to the team, Elina Ljungberg.

Elina is an IP Paralegal from Finland, with many years´ experience. She will focus mainly on the Finnish market and will also work as a Key Account Manager. We think she will be a great addition to the company. We welcome you Elina and hope that you will be very happy with us at IP Station.

It is very exciting that in these strange times that IP Station is growing, and we can welcome a new colleague to the team.

Elina Ljungberg

Interview of the month with Peter Kylin – patent attorney

Peter Kylin is a well-known name within the world of IP. With a background as an examiner at EPO, head of patent departments at large industrial companies’, the former CEO of Hynell Intellectual Property and founder of IP Station, Peter has a wealth of experience in IP.

How did you come to choose this profession?
– Ha ha, the honest answer is really a fanatical interest in downhill skiing, i.e. I wanted to work near the Alps, in Munich. But that is not the whole truth. I have always had an interest in languages, which is unusual among civil engineers. When I started looking for a job, with a need for many languages, I was in a new relationship and most job opportunities then included many travel days. I felt it would be wrong to take a job with lots of travel. But in the middle of the search, the opportunity for a job in Munich appeared as an examiner at the EPO. So, I took it. 

Peter Kylin

How did you come up with the idea of starting up IP Station?

– Pretty soon after I started working as an attorney, I realized how extremely important the ‘secretaries’ were. They were the ones who kept track of everything in the complex IP-world and were key to the ability of the attorneys to deliver the right thing at the right time. I therefore resented the industry´s typical attitude of  ‘treating secretaries condescendingly’, which I believe led to many of them being unmotivated. That was where it started.

When I then took over Hynell Intellectual Property in -98 and met a highly motivated and happy team of ‘secretaries’, I saw potential in using the energetic team at Hynell, which found to be much more efficient and high-producing than those teams I had worked with in the bigger cities. Also, there was a desire create more jobs in Hagfors, to expand, to bring in a new revenue stream, and to involve them more in the business and raise their status.

What is the best thing about your job?
– The best thing I have achieved in my job as CEO is to have started Nellpat / IP Station. I believe the basic concept of affordable infrastructure, housing, rents, etc. and highly motivated employees, can be used to create jobs in other ‘relocation places’ in other niches and thereby hopefully be able to create a more vibrant countryside. When the company started, we grew quickly from 9 to 20 employees. It was a huge kick to be a part of the team and to have its confidence.

The best thing about my job as a patent engineer is the content. Being able to work with exciting individuals who dare to invest, and with exciting new technology is very interesting. In addition, it is great fun to take on the challenge of being able to get a patent through to grant, even though the patent authority initially usually says no. The analysis, back-and forth with the client and finally finding an opening is always equally satisfying. When you have also been able to state that your efforts may have played a decisive role in the development of a successful company, you feel extra good!

IP Station’s three quick questions

What is a must in your fridge?
– Vanilla yoghurt.

Favorite country?
– Sweden in the summer. Austria and Värmland in Sweden, in the winter. Bavaria in Germany first and then Goa in India in autumn and Italy in the spring.

What do you prefer to do on a rainy Sunday?
– Ha ha Working on patents, so I can have a day off when the sun is shining.

Get in touch with me – Julia!

Feel free to contact me if there’s something you’d like to know more about, or if you want to suggest a topic for this column. I’d love for you to share your ideas as colleagues!

Tip of the month

Trying to keep track of the technical solutions can help you in your work enormously. It can be anything from a more advanced computer mouse to a dedicated macro keyboard. This can help you save a lot of time and above all prevent you from unnecessary wear and tear of your body. A loop of maybe 100 keystrokes can be shortened to a single press if you spend some time devising a smart solution using technology.


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