From an IP administrator’s perspective

From an IP administrator’s perspective

From an IP administrator’s perspective – with Julia

A small community of just over 12,000 inhabitants, in the middle of the vast forests of the Värmland region, is the home of an international company. The town is Hagfors, the company is IP Station, and that is where I, Julia, work.

Who am I?

I’m a 26-year old IP Assistant, and I’ve been with the company for almost three years. I grew up here in Hagfors, and I’ve spent most of my life here. However, I did a bit of exploration along the way before I landed here. I live in a house with my partner Sebastian and our cat Janneman, I enjoy this quiet place with nature just around the corner.

More than four years ago, I stumbled on this profession by coincidence, without a clue to what kind of work an IP Paralegal did. A friend’s mother recommended a certifying course for IP Paralegals – she said it would suit me very well. I applied for the programme and was accepted to the business college in Karlstad. When it was time for an internship, it was a natural choice to turn to IP Station, then called Nellpat. Two internship periods and a temporary position later, I was offered a permanent job. I’ve now been with IP Station for almost three years, and I like it very much here. It’s a good workplace with many different tasks.

IP Station in brief

IP Station develops, markets and delivers services within professional IP administration to clients such as IP law firms, industrial companies and standalone IP consultants, in order to optimise our client’s business practices and facilitate their everyday work.

My role

Among the services we offer, I work mostly with patent administration, but I’m also involved in trademarks and design. We are a team of competent and, when it comes to some of us, very experienced IP Assistants helping many companies, large as well as small, getting on top of their everyday activities related to intellectual property rights. My role in the company is wide-ranging, and during my years here I’ve learnt a lot. IP Station dares to invest, and thanks to the broad competence and experience within the company, I’ve been provided with the tools I need for my job. And that job is both challenging and exciting!

What will the future bring?

I want to share the challenges my role entails, primarily from my own perspective and in a personal way. There will be a bit of everything, ‘high and low’. It would be great if this could lead to an extended dialogue between us IP administrators working in this sector. It´s also a simple and unpretentious way for us to help each other. So it’s not about me selling and marketing a bunch of services, but more about facilitating, and maybe making our everyday life a little more fun.

You’ll get to meet my colleagues through short and hopefully entertaining interviews. I’m going to add my own reflections on things I’ve picked up in the business, or some fun details at work. I’m also going to offer a tip of the month as a recurring item. Hopefully, these tips can make things easier for those of you working with administration, above all in the intellectual property business.

A new posting will appear on the last Wednesday of every month.
So, here goes!

Elinor – an experienced IP Paralegal

This is my colleague Elinor, my first interviewee. She is 27 years old, which means she belongs to the young generation at IP Station. But despite her age, she is a very experienced IP Paralegal, having been with IP Station for almost 8 years.

What do you work with at IP Station?
– In short, I work with patent administration: everything from inboxes, to due dates, to monitoring and filing. I do a little bit of everything, quite simply.

Ellinor Moss

What are your best tips for a Paralegal, or IP Assistant?
– My best tips would actually be that you must be meticulous in what you do. Having stress resilience, since things can get very hectic at times. But maybe the absolutely most important advice is to dare to ask and discuss with your colleagues if something comes up that you may not know how to solve.

What is the best thing about your job?
– What I like best about my job are clearly my co-workers. We have so much fun at work! But I also like the fact that my profession is so diverse and exciting!

IP Station’s three quick questions

What is a must in your fridge?
– Haha, mayonnaise. But milk and eggs are always good to have at home.

Favorite country?
– I suppose that must be Sweden because I live here.

What do you prefer to do on a rainy Sunday?
– Then I prefer to take it easy. Relaxing on the couch, watching a good box-set.

Tip of the month

These days, when many people work from home, maybe on a small laptop, it may be hard to fit everything on one screen. Then it could be useful to make window management a little easier, right? For example, hold down the Windows key and use the arrow keys to stick the window currently in focus on the right or left half. That way you can more easily look at two documents at the same time.

Julia’s reflection

Today, in the middle of the pandemic, many large and small companies are having a tough time. At IP Station, although we’ve noticed both ups and downs in the companies we work with, our business is doing fine. The IP sector hasn’t been affected as much as many other industries, and we’re very grateful for that. Instead of cutting down, many employers hire new people and dare to invest, which is a very good sign. Let’s cross our fingers that this positive trend remains for the rest of the year, and beyond!

Get in touch with me!

Feel free to contact me if there’s something you’d like to know more about, or if you want to suggest a topic for this column. I’d love for you to share your ideas as colleagues!


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