In uncertain times, outsourcing can be a good idea

Creating stability

The ongoing pandemic means many companies face new challenges from working remotely to safeguarding the general long-term health of the business. Outsourcing some or all of your IP administration offers flexibility and access to on-call services that can be ramped up or down, according to your needs. IP Station offers outsourced IP administration services that are characterised by dependability, responsibility and excellent customer service.

For many companies, IP is a key part of their business. IP administration intrinsically does not generate business value but is crucial to the overall business and must work flawlessly, week-in, week-out. These are tasks that frequently must be done at short notice, with the right knowledge, and with tight deadlines to be met. Whether you have many or few people employed in IP administration, the level of demand on specific employees can be high. This makes an organisation vulnerable to work peaks, sick leave, parental leave, or if employees are poached by other companies.

Outsource all or part of the IP administration

A good way to minimise risk is to outsource all or part of the IP administration. By doing this, IP administration departments with few employees can benefit from access to IP Station’s large group of paralegals and IP administrators that have vast experience in all types of IP. You will always have the necessary resources in place. In a crisis such as the ongoing pandemic, this becomes especially important.

– ‘We can take care of all or part of the administration so that our clients always have access to knowledge and resources’, says Maria Hultgren, Vice President and Customer Manager at IP Station.

Outsourcing can reduce costs

If you are considering outsourcing, it is important to remember that what initially looks like extra cost may ultimately result in savings.

– In smaller organizations, it is commonplace for the Head of IP to handle large parts of the administration. Perhaps this is time that could be better spent focusing on creating new competitive advantages. Control of work volumes is always a challenge in both small and large organisations.

‘Right now, during this pandemic, there is much uncertainty making it very difficult to plan, both for the short and long term’, says Maria Hultgren.

Peace of mind

Another advantage of using outsourcing is that you as a customer can always be confident that the administration works.

– ‘Even in larger organisations, there are often certain tasks that are only mastered by one person and then the operations become very vulnerable in case of illness or holidays. IP Station’s organisation ensures that there is always a back-up that know the processes of our customers. As a customer, it means a saving on not having to spend time and money on recruiting a new paralegal’, says Tobias Bohm, CEO of IP Station.

IP Station develops, promotes and delivers services and products within professional IP administration to IP Law Firms, companies with IP and independent IP consultants, with the aim of creating the best overall value and simplifying the day-to-day work.


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