From an IP administrator’s perspective – with Julia

Månadens intervju Elina Bakkan

From an IP administrator’s perspective – with Julia

A small community of just over 12,000 inhabitants, in the middle of the vast forests of the Värmland region, is the home of an international company. The town is Hagfors, the company is IP Station, and that is where I, Julia, work.

Julia’s reflection

It’s been icy and snowy in Värmland and Hagfors. We’ve had frigid temperatures of about minus 20 degrees Celsius. But we’ve also had a cold and clear weather where it’s sunny and it feels like the best kind of days which lightens up the mood in these difficult times we still live in.

It’s a new year with hopes that the vaccines being rolled out will control the pandemic still ravaging the world and people can get back to living their normal lives again. It would be great to meet with families, friends and colleagues again in person, instead of digitally. Hopefully this will start soon!

Many have asked how the workflow is at IP Station and it is still good. We have a lot to do. Of course, we have also noticed some differences with our clients, but not huge ones. A small difference that we have noticed in terms of work is that many companies do not take the same risks as before the pandemic. If you are not completely sure, you would rather sit on, for example, a new application than submit it.

The working method has also changed for some of our clients. Reports looks a little different now because many clients want to avoid unnecessary costs. But otherwise, the workflow at IP Station is good!

Interview of the month with Marie Florén Söderlund

Marie is IP Station’s trademark and recordals expert. She has an extensive experience as she’s been working in the Intellectual Property field since 2002. 

What do you work with at IP Station?
– I work mostly with recordals which are the procedures needed to register and publish changes concerning the holder of IP rights such as patents, trademarks and design. For example, where a holder of a right has changed name(s), sold the rights to another (assignment) or licensed the rights. Trademarks are my area of expertise. I have different tasks which include, but are not limited to, docketing, monitoring of trademarks, monitoring of deadlines, to name a few.

What are your best tips for a Paralegal, or IP Assistant?

– Accuracy is of great importance, having a keen eye for detail, thorough checks of information against e.g information specific to the applicable countries and jurisdictions, and to not hesitate to ask for help from the PTOs when necessary.

What is the best thing about your job?
– My job is independent, and it varies, often with new tasks and routines to learn which is interesting. I also think it is fun to communicate with people in different countries all over the world.

IP Stations three quick questions

What is a must in your fridge?
– My refrigerator is usually packed full. I cook a lot and save leftovers. But I always have natural yoghurt, feta cheese, butter and different types of nuts available!

Favourite countries?

– I like Italy very much, the climate, ancient culture, the food and the language which I have not mastered yet, but I think sounds beautiful. India also fascinates me. I’d like to see more of India.

What do you prefer to do on a rainy Sunday?

– I like to be out on my porch, take a walk, jog or swim. If it rains, at least in high temperatures as I don’t like it when it’s cold or it snows. I enjoy being out in my leisure time. During the winter I like to watch interesting TV series or read a book, and of course have a good Sunday dinner.

Tip of the month

Something worth knowing especially with a new national applicant is to find out the company’s organization number and check the applicant’s information/details with the Company Register of that country, that the details are correct. This is also applicable for recordals of IP rights

Get in touch with me!

Feel free to contact me if there’s something you’d like to know more about, or if you want to suggest a topic for this column. I’d love for you to share your ideas as colleagues.


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