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With the roots in Sweden’s forestry and steelmaking heartland, Hynell Intellectual Property has evolved into an IP agency with a national and international profile. Today they serve enterprises and inventors all over the world, providing services relating to patents, designs, trademarks and other IP fields such as licensing, domains and copyright. Offices are located in Stockholm, Karlstad and Hagfors.

Our assignment

As a complement to Hynell’s own IP administration, we have a longstanding partnership. We deliver both advanced paralegal services as well as basic administrative tasks. These are continuously adapted to both current and planned needs over time. We are a resource in the patent process with an overall responsibility for certain parts and a backup resource for other parts.

A continuous dialogue with IP Station means that we ensure the excellence of the cooperation and achieve optimum efficiency and quality. Outsourcing parts of the IP administration makes us better, but above all it will ultimately benefit our own clients.

Mikael Mattsson, Managing Director Hynell Intellectual Property

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