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We have developed a digital platform where we will provide services that streamline processes and provide increased quality. The first one is Self-Service!

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A digital platform that gives you increased control

We are a forward-thinking company excited by new solutions that improve our everyday life and that of our customers. We drive the improvement process by investing in digital solutions and integrations with automated information flows. To get where we want, we first need to understand the current situation. We have mapped and documented the entire patenting process where each and every element is highlighted. With the mapping as a base we decide with the next step in our digitization work. And of course we listen to our customers’ needs!

The service consists of four parts:

Maria Hultgren

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Order for filing of the patent application

Via a wizard you register the necessary formal patent information on a tab, upload your application files and if necessary, write a comment before sending the information to us. We review and approve, and everything automatically ends up in our database system.

You always see which cases you are working on and which you have sent to us for filing.

Viewing your ongoing cases

Here you can easily get an overview of your cases that are linked to your login. You get clear information in a list, and if you want to know more about a specific case you just pull the details. You can find a particular applicant’s cases quickly when you are on the move. You can also create new cases via this view. Everything is linked to our database. Perfect if you are traveling and need to quickly check something related to a case via mobile, tablet or lap top. You can upload your cases into a spread sheet and continue working there.

Viewing your due dates

We all know how important due dates are. On the start page there is a to-do list where your deadlines are presented in a user-friendly way. If desired, you can view the due dates in your Outlook calendar, where you can also manage your reminders. This provides a safe and easy way to keep track of the due dates.

Accumulated time

By specifying a time interval, for example the last two weeks, you can see what costs have been incurred in your cases. These are presented in Excel so that you can easily analyze more in-depth.

Contact us to get started!

Contact Maria to get started right away. We just need to register you, then you can access all the features.

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