Emerging Stronger – Intellectual Property administration in a pandemic and (hopefully) post-pandemic world

Emerging Stronger Intellectual Property administration

The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us that working practices have changed, perhaps irrevocably.

Jes Staley, Group CEO of Barclays recently stated that, ‘the notion of putting 7,000 people in a building may be a thing of the past’. With social distancing measures looking set to continue, many companies forced to home-working during the pandemic may choose to hold onto this practice moving forward.

Equally, many employees have taken the enforced WFH as a chance to evaluate their working lives including often long commutes, and have emerged with a much greater appetite to continue home-working for at least part of their employment.

With a remote workforce and systems to make this function already in place, is it time to consider outsourcing some or all of your IP administration?

IP Station has a team of experienced paralegals and IP administrators ready to help your organisation.

Time-Bank Outsourced Paralegal Services

Be it short-term, e.g. interim, sick leave, parental-leave cover, or as an additional full-time or part-time resource, our team can handle all IP matters.

Working with our clients, we scope the likely resource you will need and ask you to commit to a number of hours per month on a time-bank basis. If these hours are not used within one month, they can roll over to the next, with some limits on this.

We typically dedicate at least two, though sometimes more of our staff to your account, so you have constant coverage.

We work on an ‘Effective Hours’ concept where studies have shown that 1 hour of totally client-focused hours can be worth up to 1.5 hours of in-house paralegal service.

Intelligent IP Mailbox

We provide the monitoring, precise routing and docketing (where necessary and agreed) of all emails for the IP department.

We can limit this to early hours cover so the sheer volume of mails that come in out of hours is handled, so your staff can concentrate on more highly skilled-tasks, or provide full-time cover.

‘Aftermarket’ Services

EP validations, recordals/assignments, renewals, general client reports and information-gathering services such as the provision of quotations for these services and for foreign filings can all be provided typically on a fixed-fee basis.

With 98% of our clients rating our services as ‘excellent’ in a recent client-satisfaction survey, would you like to know more?
Click here and we will be in touch – contact us >>

Best regards, Tobias Bohm / CEO at IP Station

Vi på IP Station är experter på administration och hantering av ärenden som rör immaterialrättigheter. Tack vare lång erfarenhet har vi stor förståelse för dina förutsättningar och krav och kan därför stötta dig på ett effektivt sätt. Med kompetens inom patent, varumärken och designskydd hanterar vi dina enskilda ärenden vid en viss tidpunkt eller genom hela IP-processen.

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