EP validations

We help with the administration of validating European patents – a process that requires high levels of competence and experience.


Validation of EP patents (European patents) is a specific area within the larger process related to patents. Let us take care of your EP validations – we have expertise, reliable administrative systems and a wide network of contacts in the validation countries.

We make it easy and effective to validate European patents in the countries where you look for protection. No hassle and as few papers as possible to sign.

Long experience gives quality-assured process

With experience of working with validations in all European countries for more than 15 years, we know how best to proceed. You need to start by deciding in which countries the market and competition exist – that’s primarily where protection is needed. Do you already have a national approved patent for the same invention, and are you considering whether to keep it or validate the EP Nationally? Some things to consider are:

  • Protection scope – which patent has the best protection?
  • The lifetime of the patent – if you have a National priority it expires earlier than the EP, normally 1 year.
  • Validation cost – if you believe your existing National patent has better protection and you do not need a longer life, then you do not need to validate Nationally.
Maria Hultgren

Maria Hultgren

Certified Patent and Design Assistant
IP Paralegal, European Design Attorney

We offer you:

  • The right competence when you need it – full-time assistant or part-time assistant.
  • Package solutions – our experts take care of a part of your process or of a specific activity within your process. You can, of course, outsource the entire process.
  • High-quality administration, pre-studies and overall management of the process.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality – only the expert(s) associated with you has access to information.

Benefits of outsourcing your EP-validations

  • More efficient process
  • Improved total economy
  • Access to specialists and expert skills when you need it
  • Access to reliable systems that ensure reliable performance

Services related to EP validation

  • Provisional protection after publication – similar procedure for EP validations and provisional protection – we are happy to help you with both parts!
  • Translations – we have well-established contacts with excellent translators. Please contact us for more details.
  • Handling of the final stage of examination – Communication under Rule 71 (3) – we arrange the required translations and submit them to the EPO, as well as other specific tasks in connection with this final examination. We are experts and know exactly what actions and options that are available.
  • Renewal management – we can take care of monitoring, reminders and payment of annual fees after the EP validation.

Our competence - support through all or part of the process

Our staff handles EP validations in all European countries. In those countries where no translation is required, we can work directly with national authorities to register you, or your customer (or us) as the receiving address. This is particularly important in order not to miss notifications for the ongoing annual fee management from the various national authorities. Simply an extra safety measurement.

Reliable administrative systems

Our proven IP Management System is set-up and maintained according to best-practice. Either we use our internal system for recording all your data, documents and deadlines or we work directly in your database and keep it up to date on a daily basis.

System for smooth renewal management

We can also assist with renewals of patents, trademarks and designs. We have the system and processes in place to do this in a safe and secure manner. Service levels, reminders and reports are set according to your needs.

Self Service

We offer access to a secure administrative interface and database – a digital work environment and toolbox for you that offers clear routines and an efficient process. The service consists of four parts:

  • Order for applying for a registered design
  • Viewing your ongoing cases
  • Viewing your deadlines
  • Ability to see hours logged by the assistants

The service can be synchronized with your calendar, so that your deadlines appear there. This, combined with our reminder service means you are fully secured.

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