From an IP administrator’s perspective

Interview of the month-Elina-Bakkan

From an IP administrator’s perspective – with Julia

A small community of just over 12,000 inhabitants, in the middle of the vast forests of the Värmland region, is the home of an international company. The town is Hagfors, the company is IP Station, and that is where I, Julia, work.  

Julia’s reflection

The pandemic is surging again and now it can feel like the dark moments are back again for many. The restrictions are now even tougher than they were in the spring and we are urged to avoid large gatherings as much as possible to protect ourselves and those around us. Cases of covid-19 are also surging in Hagfors and many of us now work from home. It feels tough but we are trying to adapt and persevere!

We are continuously highly motivated and working very hard to keep the business running, and there is no doubt that we are extremely thankful to have the opportunity to continue to push through these trying times.

Interview of the month with Elina Bakkan

Elin Bakkan is 29 years old and has been working as a patent administrator at Sandvik in the Sandvik Machining Solutions business area for two years. I met Elin at Affärshögskolan were we both studied IP-paralegal and graduated in the summer of 2018. In this month’s interview, we hear from her perspective what it is like to be new in the industry, and what challenges have been the biggest so far, and how she is thriving.

What has been the biggest challenge of working as an IP administrator?

– The biggest challenge was that everything was new in the beginning and having to do many different tasks. As a patent administrator, you need to know a little about everything, from the laws that apply in different countries to annual renewal fees. The time pressure you have in-between deadlines has also been a challenge. During such periods, I have learned to prioritize, and that was also a challenge in the beginning.

Your best tips for a new IP administrator?

– To have patience with yourself as, it takes time to learn the profession. It is impossible to learn everything right away and it is okay that it takes time. Seek the help of more experienced IP administrators as they are more knowledgeable. It is said that it takes 5 years before one feels secure as an IP administrator and I do agree with that.

What is the best thing about your job?
– The best thing about my job is that I learn new things pretty much all the time. The opportunity to develop is always there, it is a lot of fun, and it makes you constantly want to develop as well. One more thing is that, I am proud of my job, and that, is a wonderful feeling!

IP Station’s three quick questions

What is a must in your fridge?
– There must be oatmilk and blueberry jam in the fridge. Oatmilk especially because we drink a lot of coffee at home.

Favourite countries?

– I would have to say Iceland. Both because it is an incredibly beautiful country and because I like Icelanders’ attitude to life. I also have a great interest in Icelandic horses, so that could also be a reason why I like Iceland so much.

What do you prefer to do on a rainy Sunday?

– I start the day with a big cup of coffee on the couch and watch the morning news. However, if the weather is bad, I like to stay indoors all day, watch a good movie or series and order something good to eat.

Tip of the month

Something that is very important to think about when you sit at a computer for hours on end working, is ergonomics. At IP Station, we use a program called Pausit. The program ensures that you pause and stretch for a few moments during your working day. For who wouldn’t want to prevent occupational injuries at their place of work?

Get in touch with me – Julia!

Feel free to contact me if there’s something you’d like to know more about, or if you want to suggest a topic for this column. I’d love for you to share your ideas as colleagues!


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