Our customers love us

Our Customers love us at IP Station

We are happy and proud of the good reviews

We measure customer satisfaction because as a service business, our customers are the most important thing to us. Our most recent survey was completed in June 2020. We are very happy and proud of the good reviews we received. 100% of our clients rate us as good or better. And 98% rate us as excellent!

Customer survey - June 2020

The questions below were rated from 1-5, where 5 is best.

How quickly do IP Station respond to your requests for help?
4.5 out of 5


How do you rate the quality of IP Station’s services?
4.4 out of 5


Dealing with IP Station is a positive experience!
4.7 out of 5


How likely are you to recommend IP Station to someone else?
4.5 out of 5

We also asked our customers what they value most about their co-operation with IP Station?

These are some of the answers that we got: ● Competence, service, flexibility ● Best value for money ● Order and readiness ● Uncomplicated ● High competence and friendly staff ● Benchmarking against internal resources and the ability to balance peaks and troughs in workload ● Quick feedback, properly done work ● Friendly response and experienced ● Reduced vulnerability and improved flexibility ● Quick feedback when sending instructions and information on when the work ordered will be performed ● Eases our burden ● IP Station is reliable, I feel secure which is very important to me ● A friendly and nice response is an added value ● Access to expertise, proactive employees who think for themselves, good at prioritizing and understanding customer needs ● Flexibility and professionalism ● Competence for some specialized services that would be expensive / difficult to build internally ● Flexibility that allows you to smooth out work peaks and manage vacation times ● It is simple and hassle-free which is so important

Our customers help us improve and we help them to improve!

We want to create mutually successful co-operations and partnerships. We know that we are evaluated carefully when a potential customer vets us as a new supplier. Equally, we do the same when vetting potential clients. We do not enter into a business relationship if we do not believe that there are the right conditions for optimal outcomes. It is not you who choose us, or vice versa. It’s about choosing each other. The results from the customer survey are fantastic. However, we know they represent a snapshot of the current situation. We will not sit back and rest on our laurels believing that we can’t improve. In this survey, we are pleased to have received many tips and requests about what could be improved. These proposals and suggestions are reviewed and if found to contribute to best practices, will be implemented in our work-flows. It is a process of continuous improvement, a virtuous circle.

About our customer satisfaction work

It is our top priority to establish a good and close relationship with our customers where we work together, complementing each other’s expertise and experiences. That’s what we believe successful co-operations and partnerships should look like.

Of course, we always must deliver high quality services on agreed terms. Our customers have high demands of us in terms of our ability to deliver both reliable and secure services.  We also believe that an equally important reason why our customers choose to stay with us for the long-term – and to give us high ratings, is that we really value the relationship. To have fun together, to be proactive whenever possible, simply to help our customers become better at how they handle their challenges along the way, and to strive for a common goal.

Do you want to know more about IP Station or what we can do for you? Read more! >>


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