Outsourcing of IP Administration

Janne Bohm - The Patent Lawyer Magazine

Janne Bohm has authored an article that is now published in The Patent Lawyer Magazine. Under the theme – What, when and how, and the questions below, Janne has reflected on the possibilities of outsourcing IP administration.


Why don’t more companies outsource some, more or all of their IP administration? This is naturally a multifaceted question.


At a time when everything is changing at a faster pace, all sectors and businesses are facing ever increasing demands. At IP Station, we can clearly see an increased interest and tremendous curiosity from the sector in terms of what outsourcing all or parts of their IP administration would mean for them.

  • What is outsourcing?
  • Advantages of outsourcing?
  • What to think about when choosing to outsource?
  • When is outsourcing of  IP-Administration the right choice?

      Go to The Patent Lawyer Magazine to learn more or Read the article



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