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Noréns Patentbyrå was founded in 1957. Noréns are experts in intellectual property law and has a solid international network. They cover all areas of technology and operate in the entire intellectual property area in Sweden and the world.

Our assignment

Paralegal work including ongoing handling of all common tasks in a trademark department. Monitoring and updating the case management system and assisting the trademark department with the ongoing internal administration are some of the tasks.

In the event of work peaks and staff changes, we need to be flexible. We feel that IP Station adds competence and experience, which contributes to high quality in our administrative work. Since the start of the collaboration, IP Station’s employees have been a natural part of the team and have been easy to collaborate with. Collaborating with IP Station for IP administration gives us security, makes us more flexible and more efficient in our core business.

Sofia Eriksson, Head of legal & Trademarks at Noréns Patentbyrå AB

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